Pediatric Bulletin of the South Ural

Periodic information and analytical journal in Russian

It is published by the state budgetary healthcare institution

"Chelyabinsk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital" since 2012 twice a year

ISSN on-line: 2713-2366 ISSN print: 2687-1467

About the journal


Dear colleagues! Dear friends!

The Regional Children's Clinical Hospital is one of the oldest medical organizations in the Chelyabinsk Region, Russia. The hospital staff ensures the provision of multidisciplinary specialized and high-tech medical care to the children's population of the entire region. It can be really calling the main children's hospital in the Southern Urals.

The hospital's physicians are involved in many national and international research projects. The hospital is traditionally the clinical base of the South-Ural State Medical University and three medical colleges.

Since 2012, instead of annual collections of publications, the Chelyabinsk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital has been publishing its own periodical journal. "Pediatric Bulletin of the South Ural" is publishing 2 times per year. On its pages, medical and practical scientists from Russia post materials on a variety of topical topics and highlight interesting events in medical public life. The editorial board of the journal pays special attention to articles containing the results of scientific research and rare clinical observations. Authors have the opportunity to present descriptions of interesting clinical cases, reviews of scientific and relevant information for doctors - all this can be read on the pages of the journal.

All issues of the journal are available on the website of the Pediatric Bulletin of the Southern Urals. Published articles are indexing in the bibliographic database of scientific publications of Russian scientists (RSCI) and other national and international databases. We hope that our journal will be useful to the international medical community; we invite you to read our journal and submit your publications.

Indicator name Meaning 
Place in the overall SCIENCE INDEX rating for 2022 2848
Place in the SCIENCE INDEX rating for 2022 on the topic "Medicine and healthcare" 483
Place in the rating according to the results of public expertise 2991


Indicator name 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Number of articles in the RSCI 19 20 21 25 17
The number of issues of the journal in the RSCI 2 2 2 2 2
The journal's indicator in the SCIENCE INDEX rating - - 2,571 2,921 2,757
Two-year impact factor of the RSCI 0,185 0,296 0,308 0,317 0,261
Two-year impact factor of the RSCI, taking into account citations from all sources 0,354 0,481 0,641 0,390 0,478
The five-year impact factor of the RSCI - - 0,321 0,328 0,242
Five-year impact factor on the core of the RSCI - - 0,067 0,080 0,075
Number of articles published in the previous 5 years - - 134 125 120
The number of citations of articles from the previous 5 years 31 37 43 41 29
The total number of citations of the journal in the current year 33 42 51 58 45
Average H-index of authors 5,9 7,8 6,4 7,3 7,6
Herfindahl's Five-year Index of Quoting journals 1592 920 481 482 488
Herfindahl Index by authors ' organizations 2320 1715 2401 2577 1486
Ten-year H-index 6 6 7 8 8

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